Who should see a dietitian/nutritionist?

Everyone can benefit from seeing a nutritionist. If you have questions about food, I can help!  What are the best foods to help me reach my health goals? What’s a healthy diet for pregnancy? How do I help my child who is a picky eater? How can I ensure I’m getting what I need as a vegetarian/vegan? Can you provide nutrition advice to help with my… Thyroid health? PCOS? Blood pressure? Diabetes? Cholesterol? IBS?  The answer to all of these questions, is YES, I can help you with that and many other questions. 


What happens in a nutrition appointment?

In the first appointment we talk about you.  How does food fit into your life? Do you like (or hate) to cook?  What is your vision of health for yourself?  What do you want to work on most right now?  Once you have a vision in mind, we work on setting nutrition goals that fit YOUR life and your body.  When the goals are set, we work on a plan of action.

What topics do we cover?

We go into topics that are specific to you and your goals. How much food should I eat? When should I eat? What foods are best for me? What should I avoid? What are some easy healthy things I can cook that my whole family will like?   Where can I go to find healthy recipes? What if my cooking skills aren’t great? How can I eat healthy when I eat out?  How do I meal plan and grocery shop? What about exercise?  These are just some examples of topics we can cover. 

Do I have to count calories?

Nope.  A lot of the teaching I do about nutrition is visual, interactive and includes props and real world examples.  We look at your overall nutrition needs which will include portion sizes and example meals that will be appropriate for you.  If counting calories is a useful tool for you, it can be incorporated into your plan, but it is not always necessary.


Do I counsel pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes?

Yes.  If you are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (GDM), we will go over everything you need to know, including a plan of what/how much to eat and how to check your blood sugar. I will coordinate with your provider to send a prescription to your pharmacy for a glucose meter, test strips and lancets so that you can start checking your blood sugar at home.   These appointments typically last 60-90 minutes to ensure that all of your questions are answered.

Do I see families?  Do I work with kids? Can I bring my partner or a support person? Do I see men?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.


Do I have to be a patient at Durham Women's Clinic on order to be seen?

No.  My office is located on the second floor inside Durham Women's Clinic but anyone can book an appointment with me at this location. I also see patients via telehealth.   It is a welcoming environment for everyone.  


Do I take insurance? What is the cost of an appointment?

See Insurance and pricing for more information..  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions