Here are some examples I help clients with:

  • Healthy Eating & Meal Planning

  • Family Meals & Grocery Shopping

  • Diabetes,  Pre-diabetes,  Gestational Diabetes

  • Heart Health (lower cholesterol and blood pressure)

  • IBS/ Food Sensitivities

  • PCOS Management

  • Insulin Resistance 

  • Nutrition for pregnancy preparation

  • Nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond

  • Health focused weight loss (body positive approach)

  • Men, Women, All People welcome


I love working with parents and children on healthy eating strategies for the whole family including:

  • Introducing new foods to infants and children

  • Establishing healthy eating practices for life

  • Strategies to prevent or address picky eating


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Got questions about nutrition? I can help!

Tel: 919-564-8900

Fax: 919-200-7224


Office Location 

209 E Carver St, Durham

2nd Floor, Durham Women's Clinic

Nutrition counseling

Group counseling and classes

Guided Grocery Shopping

In home cooking lessons

Pantry clean-out

Health fairs

Presentations and Cooking demos