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Presentations & cooking demos for groups

(Virtual or in-person)

Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. I go through tips on shopping, storage and meal planning to save money and eat healthy.


How to Cook Perfect Veggies Every Time 

I will demo a delicious and easy way to prepare a vegetable of choice. 


Snacks 101 (for grown-ups and kids!)

I will go through tips on how to make healthy snacks for yourself and kids at home or on the go.  Kids are encouraged to participate!


Functional smoothies

I go through tricks and tips to making delicious and balanced smoothies that can serve as breakfast, snacks, or dessert. 


Presentations on More Nutrition Topics 

Prenatal Nutrition

Nutrition for Older Adults

Mindful Eating

Packing nutritious lunches (for kids or grown ups!)

Contact me for availability.   

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